Ceiling luminaires

The design of NASLI luminaires merges the aesthetic demands of our customers with current trends in the lighting industry. A lot of attention is paid to the excellency of colour rendering, with the aim of approximating daylight as much as possible. This is helpful to all who spend much of the day under artificial lighting, as well as those suffering from the winter blues or SAD (seasonal affective disorder). NASLI luminaires are shipped, including lamps, and optimized for the highest class of colour rendering.

Many of the luminaires are shipped with intelligent ballasts, that allow two different wattage lamps to be installed in the same luminaire (Stella, Gaudium and some Pompa types). T5-HO High Output lamps, can be exchanged for T5-HE High Efficiency lamps with lower power and lower luminous flux. In this way, you can choose the most beneficial configuration, keeping in mind efficiency and maintained illumination at the same time.