Safety information

What to do if a lamp breaks

Open the windows and vent the room immediately for at least 15 minutes. Keep outside the room during this period.

If the broken lamp is connected to the mains, disconnect the plug first.

Wearing protective gloves, tidy up the lamp debris into a polyethylene bag. Powder may be collected using sticky tape. Use a vacuum cleaner only in the event of a carpet being contaminated.

Seal the bag with the debris inside another bag and remove it from the building. Put it in a recycling bin for fluorescent lamps.

Finally, clean the area of the breakage with a wet cloth or tissue. Wash your hands after the procedure. Replace the vacuum cleaner bag after the first cleaning.

Food and drugs that have come into direct contact with the debris or powder should be considered inedible and be disposed of immediately.
In the event of an aquarium being contaminated, move the fish to another tank until the original tank has been cleaned.

What to do with expired lamps

Put the old expired lamps into a recycling bin for fluorescent lamps. You can also use the electrical waste collection scheme provided by electrical shops or use the fluorescent lamp bin in the waste collection yard.

The distributor has a contract with REMA a.s. recycling company in the Czech Republic.

Expired lamps should not be disassembled, destroyed or put in general waste disposal bins.

How to install a compact fluorescent lamp correctly

Always disconnect the luminaire plug from the mains before installation.

The compact fluorescent lamp is to be held by the plastic base, not by the glass. If pressure is applied to the glass tube, it could break and cause an injury.

If a compact fluorescent lamp is installed in a luminaire originally designed for another type of a light source (eg. incandescent bulb), it is important to make sure that the luminaire is suitable for that particular replacement lamp. Dimensions, power, limitaion of glare and the overheating of parts of the luminaire and the light source have to be checked.

Ball game rooms should be equiped with luminaires suited for this purpose, otherwise lamps with second envelope have to be used.