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We offer an opportunity to supply NASLI lamps and luminaires to:

  • Distributors of medical aids, wellness and self care,
  • Distributors of hobby and patchwork products,
  • Distributors of teaching aids and equipment,
  • Lighting shops,
  • Home and light studios,
  • Electrical distributors and shops.

Our further services:

  • Interior lighting design,
  • Spectral laboratory services.

NASLI product application examples


The standard prescribes Ra ≥ 90 for art classrooms in art schools. Dr. John Ott found pupils being able to concentrate better, and for a longer time, under fullspectrum lighting. Better visibility of colours makes the classwork colourful and more interesting and thus more efficient. The cold tone of light brings an uplifting feeling of daylight.

Kindergartens / Nursery school

According to observations of John Ott, children are more calm and stay focused to a particular activity for a longer time under fullspectrum lighting, this also applies to restless and hyperactive children. Vibrant colours are more likely to grasp the children's interest.


Research papers from around the world, as well as our own research and long term experience with our customers confirm the activating effect of fullspectrum lighting to human biorhythms. These natural daily cycles can be supported with the proper timing of the right light, but they can also be disrupted by improper light at an improper timing. Fullspectrum light makes it easier to get up and wake up in the morning. It also keeps us alert and active during the day. On the contrary, in the evening it is better to switch this activating light off and use only dim warm light about 60 minutes before going to sleep. This has a similar effect to sunset: our rhythms will attune to relax, rest and regenerative sleep.

Healthcare - treatment rooms and surgeries

The standard prescribes lighting with Ra ≥ 90 for treatment rooms, operating rooms and other healthcare venues. Diagnostics of certain conditions largely depends on the staff ability to distinguish colours, eg. yellow in jaundice and the lack of redness in hypoxia. Under general fluorescent lamp light (Ra 80) these colours may be difficult or even impossible to distinguish. Fullspectrum is a synonym for high colour resolution.

Healthcare - other rooms

Ongoing research shows cardiac patients feel much better, recover faster and sleep deeper if they are exposed to an extra portion of light during the day, compared to the general standard. Best results are observed when blue-rich daylight-like light is used. The experiments of prof. Hollwich and Dr. Wurtman show a decrease of the stress hormone in patients after fullspectrum lighting has been installed in the waiting rooms.

Dentistry and dental laboratory

The standard prescribes lighting with Ra ≥ 90 for dentistries. Tcp ≥ 6000 K is an additional requirement for dental laboratories. The dentist needs to distinguish not only the colours of tissues, liquids and tooth, but also the colours of various indicators and supportive materials. Implant colour has to be selected in a way that it would mimic the neighbouring tooth colour in daylight. When the choice is made under artificial light, this must be closer to sunlight, as much as possible, so the patient would be satisfied with the result.

Care/nursing homes

According to recent research, it is possible to enhance the quality of life for the elderly and, at the same time, lower the expenses on medication and night service, provided that the occupants are subjected to intense blue-rich light during the day. People are more lively and self-sufficient during the day, more likely to find joy in some activity and get more tired, and finally sleep better at night.

Artists and art restorers

Sunlight is an ideal light to judge matching colours, however, it is not available all the time and in the required place. If general artificial light was used for colour matching, the restorer could easily make restorative colour appear matching, however, daylight would reveal the difference. Fullspectrum lighting is a great choice for colour matching.


During work at night, it is vital that workers keep alert during the whole workshift. Blue-rich fullspectrum light activates the human nervous system, thus keeping us alert and more active. It has been proven that more intensive cold light can lower error rate, accident rate, combat absenteeism and increase productivity even in daytime hours. Fullspectrum lighting provides better perception of colours, making the surroundings more pleasant and vivid.

Quality control checkpoints

Quality control, checking colour proofs in multicoloured print, sensory evaluation in industrial varnishing or the evaluation of colours of different materials or chemical indicators are largely dependant on the proper distinguishing between colours. Again, sunlight is an ideal light, but it is not available every time and everywhere. The standard prescribes artificial light with high verity of colour rendering, which is offered also by fullspectrum lighting.