medyczne oprawy oświetleniowe ADS

ADS2max is a portable luminaire for chronobiological phototherapy in hospitals, long-term care, eldercare or homecare. Power of 10 fluorescent lamps is combined with the flexibility of two linear RGBW modules. Light levels up to 2000 lux at the patient eye can be achieved. Chromatic temperature can be smoothly changed from 1800 to 6700 Kelvin while maintaining the colour rendering index Ra above 90. An embedded computer reads a light schedule from an SD card and controls the light according built-in real time clock. The light schedule is a structured text file that may be created in a web-based application, adopted from a template library or fine-tuned in a spreadsheet. In autopilot mode (SD slot empty), one of the built-in programs like Follow Calendar, Set Sunrise/Sunset, Everyday 1st May, Night Owl, Early Bird or Good Mood can be performed. Additional features: remote control, motion detector for night light, reflected light meter. Rugged base on total-lock braked wheels and telescopic pole allow safe operation and transport. Custom & research firmware modifications are available.


NumberModelŹródło światłaPDFLDT
0257ADS2max 10 × 24 W + RGBW10 x 24 W T5 / G5PDFLDT